Uby OS download

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Uby OS system specifications

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System architecture: –
kernel 1; generic: –
kernel 2l, notebook computers: –

Uby OS screenshot

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significant screenshot

Calibre 0.9.2 and above on ubuntu 12.04

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Hello to all,
as all lovers of books / ebooks I realized that the support from the ppa n-caliber Muench for ubuntu 4.12 is stopped while they are developing for the 12.10. In order to keep up to date caliber we arm ourselves with patience and follow these simple steps:
Download the following packages from the web (google is your friend):


Then from the terminal with “cd” you placed in the folder where you downloaded the packages,
now digit
dpkg -i –force-all *.deb

Well now we have to keep Calibre We add the ppa

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:n-muench/calibre -y

We will now modify the pope just added:

sudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list.d/n-muench-calibre-precise.list

Now we’re going to replace “precise” putting “quantal”

Save and close

In the terminal:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade


That’s it, simple right??
At the next trick;)

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Kobo desktop manager ereader ubuntu 12.04

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Hello all I wanted to inform you that you can install eReader Kobo Desktop on ubuntu 12.04 (currently not supported) through these simple steps:
1) Download and install libicu44 oneiric version
2) Download and install libzip1 for oneiric
3) Now let us of missing dependencies which unfortunately does not install themselves with the basic package:

sudo apt-get install libzip2 libpng3 libssl0.9.8

4) Ora basta scarica ed installare il programma “Kobo Desktop eReader”


screenshot del programma

Here are some more screenshots of the program

Collegamento via usb al nostro kobo

eBook Readers

eBook Readers di Kobo

I hope this trick will be useful

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Nautilus Script antivirus scan

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Hello everyone today I propose un’estenzione nautilus that simplifies scanzione antivirus on linux.
You may wonder now what is a virus on linux:
a) To scanzionare files before transferring them on Windows (prevention)
b) For a hard-disk scanzionare infected (care)
The script created by me iterfaccia has a graphic that will follow you step by step before and during the scanzione.
The scanzione is based on ‘ClamAV antivirus for linux
If you do not have antivirus installed the script will propose the installation.

1) download the script from this link
2) Copy the script
(to view hidden folders use ctrl + h)
3) Give it execute permissions by right-clicking on the file, properties, permissions, select to run as a program.
4) Position yourself with your cursor on any folder or file by scanzionare, then right-click, scripts, scanzione-Antivirus

5) Now you will be asked to update the virus signature (recommended)

here is the window that appears when updating

6) Follow the graphical instructions and good scan
We carry a possible SCAN-measured weight:

Hope you like it, to the next!

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Gablabel programma di traduzione per linux ubuntu

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Hi today I want to offer a convenient translation program that uses google translate.Si integragra panel gnome / unity so as to letting us always at hand.


If you have installed 32-bit operating system downloaded this version gablabel-0.1.1
Then simply install!!!
If you have installed the operating system 64-bit download this buildgablabel-0.1.1 and then you need to download the 32-bit libraries that I have prepared. librerie-32bit-gablabel
Solo per la 64 bit:
Once downloaded, open the terminal and stand with the cd command in the folder where the package.
sudo dpkg -i –force-all gablabel-0.1.1-natty-i386.deb
You will get errors but you do not pay any attention.
Now type sudo nautilus and once open head where you downloaded the additional libraries:
Now unzip the package and copy all of its contents in /lib32
Now you can start the program gablabel located in the Accessories menu.
NB: If you can not access the official website you can download the program from qui

FireTray minimize thunderbird in the gnome panel

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# # Last modified November 16, 2012 # #

Hello from time FireTray use to keep active in the bar thunderbird gnome so I signal the presence of new email!
It looks like this:
in the absence of email


with email notification arrived


I wrote this article because I realized that installing certain versions of FireTray on thunderbird does not always work.

Now and then I write the respective correspondences versions make it all work:

Thunderbird 9/10/11/12/13/14/15/16   —-> firetray-0.4.0a2.xpi

NB: For version 16 will only count for incoming mail and right click and closing only one new message (the rest comes under management)

Thunderbird 8 —-> firetray-0.3.0-svn-r134M.xpi
(later update from add-ons otherwise does not go directly)

Compress pdf script with Nautilus

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After doing a search on the net I found that pdf file compression is quite dark!

To make life easier I created a script Nautilus (tested on version 10.04 and 11.04 of ubuntu 64bit, but working with all of them)

The script compresses the pdf looking for in the can to maintain good visual quality.

First you need to install a dependency, open the terminal and write

sudo apt-get install ghostscript

Now download the script created by me

Once you have downloaded the script must be placed in


then right-clicking on the file

go to properties> permissions

and put the check “Allow executing file as program”

Now just you select the PDF file you need, and right-click

script> Compress-PDF

now wait patiently (depends on the weight of the file)

I hope you might come in handy!


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Manage two versions of Firefox each with its own configuration

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Hi today I will explain how to start firefox with diversified and separate personal settings

This could be useful when:
1) We would like to try a new version (pre-or beta) of firefox
2) You want to keep a clean configuration quick and keeping the other custom plugins and various


nb:If you want to download a new version go here

Click here to download Firefox

So first of all close firefox (so I advise you to print the page)

1) click contemporary “alt+F2”

write:                     firefox –profilemanager           ; dare invio

This will open a screen where you’re going to add a new profile ; es:    firefox-beta


Wanting can rename the default profile

es: Fox         ; save and close

2) Ora andremo a modificare il lanciatore di firefox nel menù

right click on; applications> edit menu

now we go in the internet and on the “firefox” do a click

Once selected clicciamo right “Edit”

in the command erase all (firefox% u)

putting: firefox-P Fox, click close

nb:instead of Fox’re going to put the name of the default profile or that we had renamed

3) Now we’re going to click on “new voice”

and we’re going to put:

A: for those who do not have another system in firefox

name = Firefox Fast

command = firefox-P Fox-fast

nb : instead of “Fox-fast” we’re going to put the second profile that we have so far

B: for anyone who has two firefox (one installed by default and the other unloaded by hand)

name = Firefox beta

command = /var/firefox/firefox-P-beta Firefox
nb : instead of “/ var / firefox /” we’re going to put the path to the folder where we extracted the. tar firefox we downloaded at the beginning, instead of “Firefox-beta” we’re going to put the second profile that we have so far

close the open windows

Now in Applications> Internet will find two types of firefox

I recommend you can not start them both at the same time

then we can use the other one closed.

Good navigation “personalized”

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