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The site is updated to “lost time”

Solved the problem of the form in the info section (I no longer received the emails for months (and they have been lost), I apologize to all those who tried to contact me.
Updated language manager

I had to remove the Forum, it is no longer compatible. Copied old comments.

Changed site view count manager.

##Last updated: 7/1/2024 ##

good surf

Vi notice that linux distro Ubuntu 23.04.3 LTS is also available in its derivatives (ie with different GUI) on the official website https://www.ubuntu.com/download
(I recommend you to download it via torrent links, besides being faster we will not go to overload the server of Canonical). The LTS versions are more stable and are guaranteed more years of support (updates). As an alternative also to windows 7 which will soon retire (security updates stop). Or to install conveniently in dual boot with Windows 10/11 (at startup you will see a menu to choose your desired operating system).