[MOD-FS19] Feinster Pipe

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Hello everyone,

I had fun putting a pipe in the game Farming Simulator 2019

Have a smoke to relax after working in the fields!

Immagine Pipa FS19

Be sure to smoke only in the game 😛
– Real sound taken from youtube

For those wondering why I named it Feinster: it is a fictional port city in the realm of Alagaësia written by Christopher Paolini, and as you know many sailors are pipe smokers 😉

Downloadable at ModHoster
Hope you like it

[MOD-FS19] Rifle Remington 700

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Remington 700 PS Tactical AAC-SD
mod version:
A good farmer always has a good rifle 😛
The 700 series is a line of rifled rifled bolt action rifles manufactured by Remington Arms since 1962. From this series come numerous rifles designed for a variety of uses, from military to hunting to sport shooting.
This mod is just for fun, it has no functions other than the rotation (hold down right mouse button) and the sound of the shot (hold down left button until the sound of the shell exploding). Find the rifle in the store in the chainsaw section.
If you want to play the hunter I recommend the mod Placeable Wild Animals v 1.0
which includes: two bears, two moose and a deer.
– Fixed consoll error: stereo sound
– Increased the volume of the shot
– Reduced time between shot sound and case ejection sound
Mod downloadable from ModHoster
This is my first mod for fs19, hope you like it!