Video conversion MB output size

Posted by MD     Category: Informatica

Hi, I found a very handy script to convert videos and choose the final weight in MB, useful for example to reduce and insert movies in social media.

The original script is used from terminal, while I modified it and it integrates with the Nautilus file manager on Gnu/Linux distros based on Gnome

The script has the following dependencies: ffmpeg for the video and zenity for the graphical interface (so you can set the MB you want to have as endings)

On distros based on the package manager apt give:

sudo apt-get install ffmpeg zenity

You can download it from here:

Then put it in the folder


Changing obviously USER with login user name

Then right click on the file , Properties , enable “allow file to run”

Well now just right click on any mp4 video, choose scripts and you will see videoMB, click on it and it will ask you the number of MB of compression, then it will start the conversion

I hope you like it!