Treasure Planet: Battle at Procyon

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Dusting the old computer games I found this nice game for those who are fond of sailing ships (galleons, frigates) cannons, boarding and space. In fact it is derived from Disney’s animated film “Treasure Planet” which takes its cue from the novel “Treasure Island” by Robert Louis Stevenson.

This game from 2002 still has the primacy in its genre, but soon another similar game called “Solar Sails” will be released for Steam.

Now let’s see how to install it on Ubuntu or other linux distro with wine or Crossover. I will assume that you have already set the drivers for your graphics card and that you have both 64bit and 32bit Vulkan libraries (libvulkan1 mesa-vulkan-drivers mesa-vulkan-drivers:i386), for Crossover you should add libopenal1:i386 , libopenal1 and if you have NVIDIA also libnvidia-gl-450:i386

First of all create a 32 bit windows10 bottle, then add DXVK in Crossover directly from “install Windows Software” then select the created bottle, for wine instead go to package management and install dxvk (or if you prefer from terminal “sudo apt-get install dxvk”). Now install the game quietly but before starting it you have to open the regedit, on Crossover select the bottle, then from the menu bar, “bottle”; “Run Command…” will open a window and write us: regedit

Now you have to go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/Wine and create a Direct3D folder, then select Direct3D and right (inside) right click “create DWord” and give it the name MaxShaderModelVS give ok and you’re done (the default value zero is ok). Now you are ready to play the inserted cd, if you want to avoid the cd go to gamecopyworld and download the no-cd ENG (text and it works perfectly also on the italian version).
To set the resolution 1920×1080 you have to open the file \UserProfiles\default.pft and go to the string
00000003 InGame Max Fullscreen DisplayInfo
and edit “Width Int 1920” and “Height Int 1080”.
Now you can start the game and go to the settings and set the resolution to 1920, I also recommend that you put all graphic settings to the highest quality.
If instead you want to buy the game on Steam you can do it here: and avoid all these steps (of course then you have to set the windows compatibility layer)

There is also a mod that adds maps and more here: I hope that this guide has been enjoyed/served to someone!!