Carnival float + tractor

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I created this carnival float,
I started from a carnival float (static mesh) created by kevinbliksem (surely he used a photogrammetry program based on photos/videos of a real float) you can find it on youtube (mod with multiple carnival floats for FS2019).
I reduced the polygons and made sure to have a rotating animation for the head and part of the hat.
I added a flame for the dragon, spotlights and lights for the night, music, people on the float. I also created the right collision and you can ride the wagon all the way up.
Then I modified the Lizard_neonfire_V4 tractor by changing its textures and other modifications for the carnival, remapped the engine to go slower.
TN trailer arrows 1/2/3 (on/off)
TN 4 dragon flame, TN 6 flame light (on/off)
TN 5 wagon lights (on/off)
Head animation TN 7 (on only)
Hat animation TN 8 (on only)
People above the wagon TN 9 (on/off)
Trailer position lights standard key f
Trailer ramp x button
Flashing light with standard key
You can see a video preview here:


Happy Carnival to all!


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