Carnival float + tractor

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I created this carnival float,
I started from a carnival float (static mesh) created by kevinbliksem (surely he used a photogrammetry program based on photos/videos of a real float) you can find it on youtube (mod with multiple carnival floats for FS2019).
I reduced the polygons and made sure to have a rotating animation for the head and part of the hat.
I added a flame for the dragon, spotlights and lights for the night, music, people on the float. I also created the right collision and you can ride the wagon all the way up.
Then I modified the Lizard_neonfire_V4 tractor by changing its textures and other modifications for the carnival, remapped the engine to go slower.
TN trailer arrows 1/2/3 (on/off)
TN 4 dragon flame, TN 6 flame light (on/off)
TN 5 wagon lights (on/off)
Head animation TN 7 (on only)
Hat animation TN 8 (on only)
People above the wagon TN 9 (on/off)
Trailer position lights standard key f
Trailer ramp x button
Flashing light with standard key
You can see a video preview here:


Happy Carnival to all!


[MOD-SRS2012] Isetta Carro 1959

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Hi everyone, this is the fall season of pumpkins and mushrooms. There are village festivals where pumpkins are on display and then at the end of the month is hallowen.
So I thought of making a composition in the truck Isetta of the brand Iso (Milan, Italy, about 1957/59).
The colors of the truck are the original ones.
At night the headlights work and illuminate the pumpkin and the lantern in the back of the truck.
*Traffic Vehicle Mod* (you can’t drive)
Mod downloadable from ModHoster
I invite you to stop the truck on the road, so you can see the details,
Happy fall to all !!!

[MOD-SRS2012] Transportable sawmill

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A small, movable sawmill!
Original 3D by kerry,
modified 3D,industrial cable and positionable mod by MoonDragon
generator by himmi

It has no particular function, only ornamental purpose!
The PhysX errors have been fixed thanks to pb600Wpolar
Fixed the problem of rotation during placement
Mod downloadable from ModHoster
Hope you like it

[MOD-SRS2012] Graphic improvements and Autoguide fix

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Courseplay is dependent on the keg of beerKeg from farm simulator 2011. I just installed fs2011 demo and saved the file. The zip folder must be placed in []../SteamLibrary/steamapps/common/Ski Region Simulator/data/maps/models/objects

Mod downloadable from ModHoster

Looking on the official giant forum on how to increase the visual rendering “circle”, then see shadows and objects from afar, I found a little program written by a modder that allows you to do everything automatically and also restore in case of problems. You must put in the installation folder (I also created a fake file farm simulator otherwise the program is not running) of the game and start as administrator. It also works if you put it in the folder of any map you want to improve! With my notebook it works very well, I hope yours too 😉

If on startup you get a warning: CRC64 click yes and continue without problems

Mod downloadable from ModHoster

Have fun!

[MOD-SRS2012] BMW M3 (Cobra11)

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Here is the police service car, just like in the TV series Cobra11. I did a conversion of a Farm Simulator 2011 mod.
The original was white, but here with the snow I preferred to color it a nice dark blue! You can turn on the lights for a chase (keypad 6), open the doors, lower and raise the windows, open the hood and the trunk.
Mod downloadable from ModHoster
Have fun!

[MOD-SRS2012] Vespa 125 Primavera

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Hello everyone, here is the last porting as a good omen for the new year: a Vespa Primavera (Piaggio) of the ’70s.

This porting from Farm Simulator 2013 has been a little bit complicated and i couldn’t keep all the original modall properties. I’ve also added to the driver the famous italian hat: the Coppola!

Video preview mod Vespa

Mod downloadable from ModHoster

Have fun everyone

[MOD-SRS2012] Backhoe loader Ford 555

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Hi, I made another porting for Ski region simulator 2012, the JCB 3CX (Ford 555) is a backhoe with pneumatic arms both working, where you can hook the shovel you want.

The “digger” has the following features:

  • Rear excavator arm: – moves with (z-x) – moves with keypad number (7-9),(4-6)
  • Front loader arm: moves with (n-j),(m,k)
  • Rotary seat: moves with numbers (7-8)
  • Rear window opens and closes with number (9)
  • Front and rear work lights: turn on with (l)
  • Rear jacks to stabilize and raise the vehicle: raise and lower with keypad number (2-0),(3-. )
  • Driver’s door opens with (5-6)

The original mod was created for farm simulator 2011:

3D model author: Snapper
Additional modification for fs2011 : bobcat_T-320
Conversion and optimization for SRS2012: MoonDragon

Mod downloadable from ModHoster I hope you enjoy it as much as yours truly!!!

Have a good game 😉

[MOD-SRS2012] Maserati Quattroporte

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Hello, everyone, I have created this car: it is a 2005 version of the Maserati Quattroporte. I have added some modifications to the bodywork inspired by the CDC and Bison versions.

The sounds are real and taken from the 2005 Quattroporte version with supercharged engine. As this is my first mod from scratch you will find some problems with the textures, I have no idea why as some of them read well. Here you can see a video preview: Maserati.mp4

– Version 2
Fixed issues with all textures
Improved 3D model
Changed front bumper and added fog lights
Added interior textures
Changed body reflections
Improved headlights
Dark rims with textures
Engine revs remapped
Improved braking system
Other fixes
Here you can see a video preview: MaseratiV2.mp4

You can download it on ModHoster I hope you like it

[MOD-SRS2012] RadioMod (New)

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Hey, everybody, I made a modification to the only radio in existence for this game. 

Originally created for farm simulator 2011 by modder Wagenheber

The original version for srs was posted by hoferm12 on ModHoster

I created a new 3D inspired by Pioneer’s MVH-S120UB radio.

Instructions for use:

Download RadioMod (new) from ModHoster

the mod (zip) must be inserted in

Document\My games\SkiRegionSimulator2012\mods

Inside the mods folder you need to create a folder called songs (where you will put your songs in ogg format, you can use one of the many mp3 to ogg converters also online).

Now you can start the game

I hope you like it

[MOD-SRS2012] Chevrolet Camaro 2014

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Hello everyone, I’ve ported this car from the Farming Simulator game to  Ski Region Simulator 2012 

This Chevrolet is fifth generation! It also plays the robot Bumblebee in cartoons and the movie Transformers.

You can watch the preview video here

You can download it on ModHoster

Hope you like it, good game!