Convert HEIC iphone mac photos to JPG with Ubuntu

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Hi, I ran into a friend of mine who has iphone with the problem of opening with Ubuntu his photos which however are in HEIC format.

I found an easy solution:

open a terminal and type in

sudo apt-get install libheif-examples

give enter and type in your password to install this dependency,

After that create a text file and call it whatever you like, I put “”

give it execution permissions (right click properties > permissions > execution)

then open it up and write in it:

for f in *.HEIC
echo “I am converting the file $f”
heif-convert $f $f.jpg

Now save and move the file to


(instead of USER put your user name)

now when you go to a folder with photos in HEIC just select everything,

right click > script >

will now start the conversion by itself, the wait will depend on the number of photos selected!!

I hope it can be of help to you


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