[SRS-2012] Tracked Snow Cannon Pack

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Hello everyone,
in view of the winter preparation of the slopes, I present the tracked snow cannon package “Tracked Snow Cannon”:
They are based on the original Giants Lizard 80 mod, on modhoster you will only find another modder’s skin that will replace the original files, so I said to myself, “it’s time to make a separate mod,” so I came up with four different versions:

1) Tracked Snow Cannon
this one is based on the original with the addition of:
– collision and sounds for automatic driving (Courseplay)
– yellow skin of SRSFAN01
I did not touch the other parameters (only the price)

2) Tracked Snow Cannon Pro
Same as 1 in addition:
– flashing
– improved engine parameters
– improved cannon performance

3) Tracked Snow Cannon Original Pro
same as 2 but with the original white skin

4) Tracked Snow Cannon Mountain Pro
this is a special version and is the best performing of all, I personally modified the skin to green shade, the cannon snows faster and the engine and brake performance is also increased.

I tried to balance price/performance/consumption between the different versions.
here is the link to download it
I hope you will appreciate my work!

[MOD-SRS2012] Landini Vision 105 pack

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Hello everyone, since this winter I have been working on this mod package. In my area when it snows there is always this tractor running around with an old ruined blade and behind it a salt spreader used as a salt spreader! So I decided to bring it into the game.

I based it on preexisting mods, then modified almost everything from 3d, textures, scripts and more.

Landini Vision 105 pack

Landini Vision 105 tractor: I started with this mod Landini Vision 105

I did a lot of research on the internet, looked at photos and videos. Then I created from scratch the button panel to the right of the driver (I started from original photos).

To simulate the snow dirt (which can be activated manually) I imported the 3D model into SketchUp and created transparent geometries and then put the snow texture on them, same thing for the wheels, added the chains (which can be activated manually).

I had fun totally modifying a CB radio found on Skechups 3D gallery, created a script to make the radio talk (modified from the ford horn script) now it sounds like a real horn (hold down the / button on the keypad), added a woman as a companion (activated with x),

added 4×4 mode (activatable with numeric keypad 4), added advanced light manager B.v3 which allowed me various solutions including having the light indicators on the dashboard.

I created the steering wheel from scratch because the basic one was really ugly, for a better reproduction of the Vision model I also created the ceiling/roof inside starting from original photos, added Samersberg map logo (can be activated manually), modified the 3d of the blinker and added realistic script (numeric keypad 7) together with the normal version, improved hydraulics based on blade and salt spreader, modified driver for cold climates, added front work chamber, put script if reduces sound/noise when inside cab (first time you enter the vehicle it wont go but change chamber to c and come back hear less noise, I think I made other changes too : P

Blade: I based it on this Snowplow I modified the skin to make it look like it was already used, added the red flags, and some other small changes. The great thing about this blade is that it gets dirty when you use it!

Feriliser spreader: I based it on the 3d of this Fransgård Feriliser spreader but recreated it from scratch with Sketchup based on the tractor in my area. Then I took a cue for the settings from this Rauch Axeo 18.1 Then I set that together with the normal beacon the spreader plate is operated so it looks more realistic. Sometimes you wont be able to load it with salt: try turning the engine off/on or changing from 2wd to 4wd, Ive always solved it.


I hope you enjoy this work of mine, have a good game!!!