[SRS-2012] Tracked Snow Cannon Pack

Posted by MD     Category: MOD SRS2012

Hello everyone,
in view of the winter preparation of the slopes, I present the tracked snow cannon package “Tracked Snow Cannon”:
They are based on the original Giants Lizard 80 mod, on modhoster you will only find another modder’s skin that will replace the original files, so I said to myself, “it’s time to make a separate mod,” so I came up with four different versions:

1) Tracked Snow Cannon
this one is based on the original with the addition of:
– collision and sounds for automatic driving (Courseplay)
– yellow skin of SRSFAN01
I did not touch the other parameters (only the price)

2) Tracked Snow Cannon Pro
Same as 1 in addition:
– flashing
– improved engine parameters
– improved cannon performance

3) Tracked Snow Cannon Original Pro
same as 2 but with the original white skin

4) Tracked Snow Cannon Mountain Pro
this is a special version and is the best performing of all, I personally modified the skin to green shade, the cannon snows faster and the engine and brake performance is also increased.

I tried to balance price/performance/consumption between the different versions.
here is the link to download it
I hope you will appreciate my work!