Bugs Go Android Mod ITA

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Hello, I have partially translated into Italian the application Bugs go for drones mjx
This version can be installed and tested together with the other (the version you have already installed will not be overwritten, you can keep both)
In addition to partial Italian, you can set a higher flight height (be careful only in states where it is legal, in Italy no)
I also changed the icon so that I immediately recognized this version from the original

In the future if I succeed I would like to change the maps so that they work, whoever knows how to do it write me through the form in Info!

Download app ITA
original app mjx

I hope you enjoy it.

Ps: manual translation bugs 5w download here

Install Lightworks 15 on Ubuntu 17.10

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Hi, the Lightworks video editing program on the official website has two versions: 14 and 15,
now on ubuntu 17.10 for the 14 there are tricks to do to make it work and find various guides googolando, while instead the version 15 is designed for ubuntu 18.04 and 18.10.
Trying alone I found this solution that I share with you:
1) go to the official website https://www.lwks.com login or register

2) download the beta version
3) open a terminal (ctrl + t) and write to us
sudo apt-get install libcurl4-openssl-dev
give and send the password even if you can not see it and send it again
4) assuming that you have downloaded Lightworks-145RC4-105935- in the download folder we give in the terminal
cd Download

dpkg-deb –extract Lightworks-145RC4-105935- estrazione-deb
dpkg-deb -e Lightworks-145RC4-105935- estrazione-deb/DEBIAN
5) DO NOT CLOSE THE TERMINAL; now let’s go with the file manager in the Downloads / extraction-deb / DEBIAN folder and open the file controll,
now let’s replace libcurl4 with libcurl4-openssl-dev
save the file and close
6) we return to the already opened terminal and we give
dpkg-deb -b estrazione-deb
sudo dpkg -i estrazione-deb.deb

7) now in the main ubuntu menu we search and start Lightworks
here we enter our login data as in the site! #END

Good video editing

Uby OS download

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Uby OS system specifications

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System architecture: –
kernel 1; generic: –
kernel 2l, notebook computers: –

Uby OS screenshot

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significant screenshot

Create multiboot USB stick linux

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nb: This procedure can only be performed by ubuntu distro

  1. download the iso of live linux distro that you like

  2. Install UNetbootin (sudo apt-get install unetbootin)

  3. Insert USB stick into your computer

  4. Install a memory stick with unetbootin iso (ubuntu to be installed last)

  5. the memory stick and create a folder with the name of the distro installed

  6. Drag the stylus all the files in the folder created

  7. Now install the second distro in the memory stick repeat steps 4 through 7

  8. Now go to System> Administration> Startup Disk Creator

  9. Select the iso of ubuntu and set if you want the persistence

  10. Open the folder of the first distro created and open the file syslinux.cfg


  11. the last few lines about the kernel (label etc)

  12. Now open the file (in subfolder syslinux) txt.cfg and paste this the copied rows at the bottom

  13. Open the folder of the second distro created and open the file syslinux.cfg
    you do steps 12 and 13

  14. If by chance you have puppy after ‘label puppy’> ‘kernel vnlinux’ is transformed into ‘kernel / vnlinux’
    and also intrd = / initr.gz (in short, the super string kernel)

  15. Now copy the file to the distro in 1 and 2 / the stylus if it asks you to join but do not overwrite any file

  16. Now you can boot from usb (first setting the bios pc)

  17. will open the menu boot ubuntu but you will notice that at the bottom of the list there will be other distros

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